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Nissan Pumps Up The Volume: Increases Exports of 2013 Altima


Franklin, Tenn. – The first 2013 Altima rolled off the assembly line in Canton, Miss., on Wednesday, June 6. The first 2013 Altima built in Smyrna, Tenn., came a few weeks earlier. Nissan’s Altima is in such high demand it is made at two different locations, both in Smyrna and in Canton. Nissan expects the demand to soar higher than ever with the new 2013 Altima model.

“Altima is our highest volume vehicle. And as we look to the future we are going to look to expand to ship from 40 countries to maybe closer to 100 countries for this vehicle,” said Nissan’s Director of Export Operations Jerry Brickett.

Nissan has an aggressive goal to triple the number of exported Altimas in the next two to three years. Brickett said the biggest opportunity for growth is in Mexico, Canada and the Middle East.

“For us we have the right product at the right time for those growing markets, and it will really help to grow the brand recognition with a strong product like Altima,” said Brickett.

In order for Nissan to make enough Altimas to meet export goals, crews in both Smyrna and Canton will ramp up production.

“In my over 25 years of experience with Nissan, of all the launches I’ve seen, I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a vehicle that I’m as excited about as I this Altima. It really puts Nissan in a position to grow in this country and really be pushing for the top spot in the midsize sedan market,” said Canton’s vice president of manufacturing Dan Bednarzyk.

The Altima is always Nissan’s number one seller, and the company is expecting even higher than normal sales results with the 2013 model. Nissan plans to make more than 300,000 Altimas in the next year to meet the demand.

“Already our demand this year for the new Altima is higher than what we can supply, so we know the potential is there,” said Brickett.

Brickett is betting the Altima will get even bigger results for Nissan in the coming years.

“It could truly be a global brand for Nissan,” said Brickett.


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