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Honda goes cute with ‘micro commuter concept’

Honda was determined not to be left behind when it came to the cute factor at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show.

One of the chief ways was to introduce its “micro commuter concept,” a small electric car that proclaims a chirpy “hello” in script below the windshield. Inside the cockpit is a small electric minibike. We guess it’s aimed at people who don’t mind parking on the outer ring of shopping centers, smug in the knowledge they can take their scooter right to the front door of Macy’s.


“This vehicle will offer the joy of a new type of communications between people and mobility and an exterior that the owner can enjoy customizing more casually. The collaboration of Honda’s motorcycle and automobile R&D centers made it possible to load the ‘Moto Compo’ two-wheel EV commuter in this vehicle,” Honda says in its announcement.

News Source:  USA Today


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