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Earnhardt Jr. and Tony Stewart discuss Snooki: “For the first three episodes, I didn’t even know Snooki had a head!”

Top-12 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Drivers Hold Nothing Back

LAS VEGAS (Dec. 1, 2011) – The 2011 top-12 NASCAR Sprint Cup SeriesTM drivers held nothing back today at the third annual, fan-favorite NASCAR After The Lap held at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas and sponsored by Coca-Cola and Ford. ESPN pit road reporter Jamie Little hosted the event along with co-host Miss Sprint Cup Monica Palumbo.

A list of the top-10 unfiltered, driver “tell-all” comments are outlined below. 

Top-10 List

Number 1

  • · Ryan Newman was asked if he purchased his boss (2011 Champion Tony Stewart) anything special after winning the championship.
  • · “No!”
  • · Jamie Little followed with “Ryan, you told me earlier there was a waxing appointment but that no appointment was long enough to cover Tony’s needs.”

Number 2

  • · Question for Kyle Busch: “Kyle, we hear your wife cooked her first Thanksgiving this year…How did she do?”
  • · Response: “It was good. That’s what she said.”

Number 3

  • · Comment from host Little: “There are a lot of single women in Vegas.”
  • · Response from Stewart: “Why do you think I’m just happy to be here?”

Number 4

After comments about brothers Kurt and Kyle Busch dressing alike and being confused for each other, Kurt Buschresponded:

  • · “When the fine comes in the mail, they know how to spell our name right.”

Number 5

  • · Question: What if Delana Harvick (wife of Kevin Harvick) showed up (to the race) without a fire suit?
  • · Special guest and Blue Comedy Tour comedian Bill Engvall responded: “We talking no suit at all? Cus, that would be awesome.”
  • · Harvick followed with “If she walked out without a fire suit and I missed the race, you’d know why.”
  • · “At least for the first 10 laps…” said Matt Kenseth.

Number 6

  • · Earnhardt Jr. was asked about his future wife…
  • · “Yea, she’s real,” said Earnhardt Jr.
  • · “Not real’s a blow-up doll.” Engvall
  • · Little asked if she was a blonde.
  • · “She’s like Snooki … he hasn’t noticed,” said Gordon. Earlier in the show, Stewart had commented that “For the first three episodes, I didn’t even know Snooki had a head.”

Number 7

  • · Stewart was positioned in a chair next to Little who was standing nearby. “Why do you think she sat me next to her? Always sit the fat kid next to the tall girl.”

Number 8

  • · Kurt Busch noted that he was “camera shy. I think the best form of communication is cussing.”

Number 9

  • · “I felt uncomfortable today for the first time in a long time because I was changing next to Carl.” Stewart
  • · “You’ll always have me beat with that back hair.” Carl Edwards
  • · “Hey, I’m out here working hard to represent all fat kids.” Stewart

Number 10

  • · Four-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion Gordon break dancing for fans at NASCAR After The Lap.

– ASPIRE Communications, Press Release 

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