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Bicyclist captures video of car on pedestrian bridge…watch what happens next!


TAMPA (FOX 13) –

A video capturing a vehicle vs. pedestrian accident on a pedestrian bridge is raising some questions about policies in Norfolk, Va.

Bicyclist Kelley Howell was using the caged bike lane of the Berkley Bridge. She had a camera attached to her bike, and it captured a vehicle driving on the caged-off portion.

She tried to avoid the vehicle, but the area was too tight and she was struck.

What that vehicle was doing on the bridge, however, is raising serious questions. The Virginia Department of Transportation told that it was being driven by a bridge tender.

The VDOT said employees “frequently use the pedestrian bridge to drive to and from work,” and that there are signs posted.

WVEC also reported that the contract employee is on administrative leave until the investigation is over.

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